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Prospective of Gold

GOLD, symbolize for power, strength, wealth, warmth, happiness, love, hope, optimism, intelligence, and balance. Since our ancient, great human achievements are frequently rewarded with gold, the winning warrior from the battle field till the current Nobel Prize such as Academy Awards and Emmy Awards with the symbolize GOLD in form of Gold Pendant, Gold Plate, Gold Medals or Gold Trophies.

To show the long lasting love via the Gold Jewelry to the other partners, wedding ring, chain, bracelet, necklace or gold rose. Symbolize to show the true love, happiness, warmth and wealth.

In much of the world, gold bars and coins are still hoarded as a favored form of wealth—the kind that printing presses can never turn out. Indeed, despite the view of most economists that gold cannot reliably serve as the basis for complex modern monetary systems, recent devaluations and exchange problems have increased the number of gold worshipers.

The chart starts with the projection of a fitted curve to the data available in 2005. Each year since then a new projection is drawn, up until the current June 2010. The over-inflation and subsequent correction during 2008 led to the 2008 projection being very similar to 2009 with the curves overlapping, but in 2010 the positive second derivative returns, and pushes the estimated curve even higher. As it stands, even models designed for high growth have been consistently underestimating the future path of gold. By analyzing the error of each forecast, one can make an educated guess as to what will happen going forward.

What this chart is telling us is that this global buying pressure is increasing with each passing year, and as long as buying pressure is increasing the gold price will continue its uptrend. There is and has been a great deal of commentary on gold at the tactical level but very little at the strategic.