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Business Program (Dealer)

Tired of watching other workers advance their career as you continue to exceed all expectations, without promotion in your current position? Successful workers create their own path to promotion. If you have experienced this situation, even once, you know that you can't continue to wait for others to decide when you should be offered a promotion. Make a change today by joining our Business Program. A business you can protect your capital, value added to your asset, low cost operation, international recognized, and global interested products. In this business program, you are still able to profit in long run even you did not business. Why? Because the product itself served the Value on its own!

Rebate Policies

  • 1. Dealer REBATE is calculated on every 20th of the month (Closing date for REBATE calc)
  • 2. OneAsia Gold required at least three (3) working days for calculation and payment
  • 3. Any purchase before 20th rebate is calculated on present month
  • 4. Any purchase on or after 20th of the month, rebate is calculated on next month 20th
  • 5. Dealer may refer to OneAsia Gold's officer on the payment status


Business may start with small scale or big scale, to join us you may start with small scale. Join us as Agent with a minimum purchase 10pcs 1Dinar or equivalent 50g of gold.

Regardless of your religion, races, nationality if you are interested to business in gold, you may apply to join us as Agent. OneAsia Gold will provide marketing material, consultation and training to Agent. Beside from the company, each agent will have a leader (Agency) to lead, train and assist you in your business. Your success is our Success. 


Code of Conducts


1. OneAsia Gold Sdn Bhd is committed to the highest standards of ethical business conduct. This code of conduct is binding on all Gold Dealers, Dealers, Agencies, and Agents, whose actions always be such as to avoid any impropriety. In addition, OneAsia Gold and its Gold Dealers, Dealers, Agencies and Agents are subject to the Laws of Malaysia in every respect.
2.  Gold Dealer, Dealers, Agencies and Agents, who have any doubts on the appropriate course of action involving matters of business ethics, should consult OneAsia Gold’s managers.
3. Gold Dealers, Dealers, Agencies and Agents are aware of their ethical obligations, a copy of this Code of Conduct is provided to all new Gold Dealers, Dealers, Agencies and Agents which are to be read and, when fully understood, acknowledged by the Gold Dealers, Dealers, Agencies and Agents by signing the attached sheet.
4.  Gold Dealers, Dealers, Agencies and Agents, found to be in breach of these ethical guidelines also will be subject to OneAsia Gold’s disciplinary action.

Agents’ Code of Conduct:

1. Agents must always act professionally when serving their customers. Before engaging with the customers on any sales activities, Agents must establish their identity to the customers by producing the Agent card or NRIC.
2. Agents must always maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty and business ethics in every transaction with customers and other Agents.
3. Agents must never be involved in any pyramid schemes, get-rich schemes or any other illegal schemes which claim to guarantee specific fixed monthly return rate, bonus, discount, interest or profit to the customers by using OneAsia Gold’s products.
4. Products sold to the customers must be sourced from OneAsia Gold and of the same specifications as determined by OneAsia Gold.
5. Agents is prohibited from representing OneAsia Gold to accept Cash from customer
6. Agent is not allowed to reprint any OneAsia Gold’s product certificates, or any printed materials with OneAsia Gold’s name/logos/labels without OneAsia Gold’s prior written consent.
7. Agents are not allowed to sell any other products other than OneAsia Gold’s products to the customers by using OneAsia Gold’s name/logos/labels.
8. Agents are prohibited from manufacturing any OneAsia Gold’s products or similar products.
9. Agents shall not provide any misleading information to the customers in order to achieve sales target.
10. Agents are not allowed to represent OneAsia Gold on any public statements, events or an announcement which has yet to be confirmed/consented/agreed by OneAsia Gold in writing.
11. Agents must clearly explain to the customers ALL OneAsia Gold’s rules and regulations, order and payment procedures, and provide accurate products’ information at all times.
12. Agents shall always assist the customers in clarifying all product enquiries and handle all dissatisfaction professionally.
13. Agents are prohibited from using the customer’s data, OneAsia Gold’s selling techniques and marketing materials for any other businesses or for personal purposes.
14. Agents must ensure customers’ data are properly recorded and registered on behalf of OneAsia Gold for future references and compliance with the Anti Money Laundering Act 2001 “Knowing Your Client” requirement.