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OGSB's Process

OGSB’s manufacturing process can be explained by the following pictorial steps:

Step 1: Design

The starting point of all production process begins with design drawing. Designs/ideas are conceptualized using computer software. The designer would specify the size of the item, the appropriate type of settings and finishing. Any unique feature is also clearly indicated for the craftsman to create a prototype. A selection committee comprising members from the Research and Development, Department, Sales and Marketing Department and Production Department, headed by the Managing Director, would approve the drawings for new designs first before fabrication.

Step 2: Fabrication

An experience skilful craftsman would create the prototype based on the product design specifications and the prototype would be made from silver called “Silver Masters”. Computer aided engineering process also employed for designs targeted at the high-end market. A prototype is cast out and then followed by fine touch-up in order to attain the high-end level of quality. The final Silver Master is then stamped according to the design model number for easy identification

Step 3: Casting & Melting

During the casting process, gold is placed and melted in the crucible inside the casting machine. Additional gold or silver is to be added to achieve the desired purity of gold that we require (i.e.99.9% gold or 91.6% purity gold)

Step 4: Moulding

The resultant mould is then filled with the molten gold through combination of pressure exerted from of casting machine.

Step 5: Cooling

The products are cooled off and then washed thoroughly with jet water to remove any remnant of casting powder, before they are soaked in cleansing solution to improve the glossy appearance.

Step 6: Stamping

These are gold jewellery made from stamping machines, quite different from casting products. The stamping parts are punched out or pressed from hydraulic presses. The moluds and dies for the stamping are fabricated internally. OneAsia Gold is equipped with its own machines to make the high quality moulds and dies. The gold components produced by the stamping machines operated by experience machinist are subsequently assembled into products as per the customers’ orders.

Step 7: Final Inspection

Quality checks are conducted at every stage of the production cycle before proceeding to the next stage to ensure that a high quality is maintained. At the end of the production cycle, a team of quality control operators check all the finished products again. Thereafter, all the finished products are packed for delivery.